Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Poem for the Northwest

Why I love the Northwest

With mountains all blanketed asleep in the snow
They shine in the moonlight with a cold, icy glow
In the spring they wake with a rumbling grumble
And send snow sheets down, in a billowing tumble

The rivers rush water from cool glacial streams
and waken sleeping bears from deep winters dreams
Salmon fight currents all rushing and deep
The rain forest awakens from her slumbering sleep

With trees so gigantic, majestic and tall,
They line emerald rivers and provide shelter for all
From swirling damp mist the spirit bear is there
And disappears silently, a glimpse of the rare

The sound of the birds so lovely and sweet
The smell of raspberries, delectable treat
With fiddle heads, mushrooms, berries galore
wonderful treats to enjoy from the land I adore

From mountains so tall, to valleys so low
I am struck by their beauty where ever I go
With lakes, rivers, and forests we are so blessed
There's no other place I'd rather be than the Northwest! 

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