Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Just A Quick Introduction

Last year, I started writing my blog, Klew Nu Farms.  It was something I really enjoyed doing.  Writing about a few things and posting pictures.  Well, this fall, things happened and I am no longer living at Klew Nu Farms and I was rather lost at what to do about that blog since I no longer have a farm.  

A few of the things I really love doing is going out on hikes whenever I can get out, and taking pictures.  I'm not a professional hiker or photographer.  Just a girl who likes to take walks in my trusty boots and bring along my camera whenever I can get out.  Looking though pictures, got me thinking that most of the pictures I have taken in the past few years, I've taken while wearing my Bogs.  So it got me thinking,  why not write about some adventures that I've taken in my boots?  This provides me with an excuse to get out hiking, take pictures, perhaps spending time with good people doing something I enjoy and gives me an opportunity to share it.  I live in Northern British Columbia, and there are so many beautiful things to see here.

I hope to share some older adventures, as well as many new ones.

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